I am seeking Ontario’s nomination to become the President-Elect of the Canadian Medical Association. I have spoken with hundreds of doctors, residents and medical students across Ontario to find out their thoughts on the direction of the CMA. Based on what they have told me and building on my own skills, these are the initiatives I would undertake as CMA President-Elect, the principles I would bring to the CMA Presidency:

  • I am committed to the CMA’s vision for transforming health care and will continue to advance that vision. As a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, I have seen the impact of poverty on the health of the next generation of Canadians and I would work to change that. As we remind Canadians and their governments of the impact of the social determinants of health, we must not forget this most vulnerable group of Canadians. They are our future.
  • I will continue to work on CMA’s behalf to improve Canada’s Pharmaceutical Strategy. In the role of Francophone spokesperson for the CMA, I was struck by the concern of Canadians in the cost of prescription drugs and in the shortages of various drugs are now a common occurrence. We could save billions on drugs by improved prescribing and by developing national purchasing plans. Government could negotiate a reliable supply of the prescription drugs Canadians need.
  • I would promote the role mental health plays in the health of an individual overall. I will bring the influence of being a psychiatrist to the position of President-Elect of the CMA and work for the adoption of Canada’s first Mental Health Strategy, released this year by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.
  • I will continue to work to improve products and services and member engagement at the CMA. As a member of the CMA Board, I know the Board is committed to serving members’ needs, not just through advocacy but also with the tools they need to be productive in their practices as well as their personal lives.
  • I will work with our youngest members: students and resident physicians to ensure CMA’s health human resources policy addresses the challenges they are facing. Students and residents are concerned there will not be positions for them when they complete their training. Our health human resources policy must be strong enough to accommodate individual goals as well as societal needs.

I have been a member of the CMA for over 30 years, a Board member for 5 years and a member of the Executive Committee since 2011. I have also worked at the CMA, serving as the Acting Associate Secretary General. My commitment to the CMA’s vision of “a healthy population and a vibrant medical profession” is well established. As the campaign moves forward, I will continue to speak with Ontario doctors, residents, and students to bring their vision to the CMA.

Je suis membre de l’AMC depuis 32 ans, membre du Conseil d’administration depuis 5 ans et membre du Comité exécutif depuis 2011. J’ai aussi travaillé à l’AMC en qualité de secrétaire générale associée par intérim. Mon engagement envers la vision de l’AMC pour « une population en santé et une profession médicale dynamique » est bien ancré. À mesure que la campagne ira de l’avant, je continuerai à m’entretenir avec les médecins, les residents et les étudiants de l’Ontario, afin de transmettre leurs perspectives à l’AMC.

If elected, my goal will be that your views form the voice of the Canadian Medical Association and so I invite you to write to me, call me, follow me on twitter and begin the conversation about your vision for the Canadian Medical Association.