As a child psychiatrist, a writer and an internationally renowned speaker, I often participate in media appearances, interviews, and panel discussions. I’m proud to speak on the issues I’m passionate about and I’m always excited to listen and exchange ideas.

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Latest Media 

Today’s letters: On the return of face masks; disabilities; and green bins

Clarity on masking helps youth: The lack of clarity around mask mandates has been difficult for adults, but for children it has added to the stress of an already challenging year. Eliminating mandates when there was still a need for precautions didn’t give youth more freedom; it added to their worries. 

Ottawa Citizen Letters — April 19, 2022

Youth mental health organization needs volunteers to meet demand

There are several reasons that youth are seeking mental health support in increasing numbers this year, said Dr. Gail Beck, clinical director of youth psychiatry with The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. 

CBC News Ottawa — April 18, 2022 

The mental health impact on children and youth of the war in Ukraine *Interview begins at 21:35

On hour two of The Sam Laprade Show, Dr. Gail Beck discusses the mental impact on children and youth of the war in Ukraine. 

City News The Sam Laprade Radio Show — March 4, 2022

Calls for mental health support up during protests, say professionals

Dr. Gail Beck, clinical head of youth mental health at the Royal Ottawa, said the protests are adding to everyone’s stress and that increases with each day the occupation continues and protesters travel around the city in addition to downtown.

Ottawa Citizen — February 11, 2022

Mental health check in, as schools are set to reopen

Tatyana Lutz is a teacher and parent, whose family is recovering from COVID-19. She was part of a virtual Q&A hosted by the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre last night, along with youth psychiatrist Dr Gail Beck.

CBC Ottawa Morning — January 12, 2022

Today’s letters: Simone Biles’ courage

As someone whose patients are pretty much the same age as Biles, I know it takes courage to acknowledge mental health struggles – especially your own. My young patients understood perfectly what Biles had to face to speak about her mental health. 

Ottawa Citizen Letters — July 30, 2021

Today’s letters: COVID has brought a mental health crisis too

Mental health has always been the poor cousin of health care. Health professionals who work in mental health have been warning governments and the public that we are not prepared for a mental health crisis. 

Ottawa Citizen Letters — April 26, 2021


Loss of social interactions means trouble with building social skills, psychiatrist says

Dr. Gail Beck, clinical director of youth mental health at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, says teens use social interactions to build skills that serve them for the rest of their lives, something that has been curtailed by the pandemic.

CBC News — March 14, 2021


Beck: YEAR ONE – Youthful optimism is the inspiration we all need

Young people have had to become flexible about their education while confronting the stresses of isolation. But they’ve also gotten to know their families better, and some have discovered they like their siblings.

Ottawa Citizen — March 9, 2021


Beck: Don’t take March Break away from our students

Normal education routines have been disrupted for children and youth around the world and evidence shows that their mental health is compromised because of it.

Ottawa Citizen — February 7, 2021


Bell Let’s Talk Day: Youth Mental Health

CTV News — January 28, 2021

Beck: Two years after marijuana legalization, government owes us information

A robust public health campaign has not been undertaken. Nor has there been an increase in research into the impacts even though there are many health-related claims about cannabis use.

Ottawa Citizen — October 26, 2020


Previous Media 

Challenges and Change with Craig Oliver

AMI TV — December 15, 2018

‘Left behind’: The struggle people can face after a loved one dies by suicide

CBC News —June 9, 2018

Stigma can make it even harder for someone to cope with the aftermath of suicide, experts say

Legal marijuana plan needs public health focus: Ottawa psychiatrist

Dr. Gail Beck points to link between cannabis use and mental illness. 

CBC Ottawa Morning — April 13, 2017

Beck: Here’s why the legal age for cannabis use should be higher, not lower

Every day in the Youth Program at The Royal, my colleagues and I see young people whose mental illnesses are complicated by the use and abuse of cannabis or a dependence on this drug. We provide these young people and their families with information on the impact of marijuana on the developing brain, including articles and research papers. We are often able to convince young people to decrease their marijuana consumption and, in many cases, to stop using it altogether.

Unfortunately, legislators may not be as aware of the risks of cannabis on the developing brain as mental health professionals are.

Ottawa Citizen — April 13, 2017


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