Dr. Gail Beck is a child psychiatrist, a writer and an internationally renowned speaker.

My clinical work is in child psychiatry with adolescents and young adults.

From the organizations I have served, and from my colleagues and patients, I have learned a great deal about medical systems in my province, in Canada and around the world. My blog and speaking engagements focus on youth mental health, health care and gender issues.

I am also a wife, a mother and a friend. My husband, my children, and my friends, as well as my patients and their families, are one source of inspiration, but you are another! Thank you for visiting, and please, keep commenting.

Dr. Gail Beck | In the media

As a child psychiatrist, a writer and an internationally renowned speaker, I often participate in media appearances, interviews, and panel discussions. I’m proud to speak on the issues I’m passionate about and I’m always excited to listen and exchange ideas.

Want to work on a story together? Email me at drgailbeck@gmail.com.

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This year I will celebrate my 45th anniversary of graduating from medical school. My class and the university I attended hold reunions on a 5-year cycle. I have attended all past reunions, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th…you get the idea… My friends, my husband, my children are surprised when I say that I will likely…

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October is the Saddest Month: Dropping Out of College

My weeks in the middle of October are crowded with patients – often patients I am not supposed to see since they are over 18 and my program does not extend beyond 18 years. These patients, however, know me and I know them. They turn first to someone they know, and I have told them…

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